HR Outsourcing: 5 Things To Consider

Successful small businesses grow and evolve over time, often requiring the support of experienced human resources staff. When your solopreneur or small business enterprise reaches this exciting apex, you have serious decisions to make. In-House HR Or Outsourcing: What’s Best For Your Company? Some of those decisions are: What in-person vs. virtual staff do I […]

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What Is A Hybrid Work Model?

The hybrid work model has existed for decades but became the norm during the pandemic and post-pandemic world. Today, many employers - especially small business owners - acknowledge the significant benefits of creating hybrid work models, one of which is the significant ability to maintain a frugal bottom line. According to The Oxford Group: A […]

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How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

By the time entrepreneurs and small business owners are ready to expand, a growing list of administrative tasks often bogs them down. This means they spend way too much time dealing with logistics, prohibiting them from the tasks required to grow their business.  Hiring a virtual assistant is transformational, freeing up business owners to get […]

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How To Choose A Virtual Receptionist

Deciding to hire a virtual receptionist is a giant leap. For most clients, this is the first time they’ve let go of the reins to expand their business or take some much-needed time off without worrying about the work front. Others come to us when they’re ready to take their first “real” vacation in two, […]

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The Downside Of In-House Human Resources For Small Businesses

Traditional business models include in-house human resources (HR) positions to manage the employee lifecycle. However, small businesses rarely need the majority of the services a full-scale HR department provides to corporate-style businesses.  As a result, many business owners are migrating away from in-house human resources and using virtual services on an as-needed basis. 5 Disadvantages […]

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How To Become A Virtual Assistant

The virtual assistant market is competitive due to the increasing popularity of virtual services. Small and medium-sized companies around the globe use virtual services to provide superior customer service, manage their online presence, and expand their business’s reach. In turn, virtual assistants provide invaluable support to a varied clientele, all via a flexible schedule. While […]

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Virtual Employees vs In-Person: The Pros & The Cons

Most small and medium business owners pride themselves on their personable, customer-centric service. When you’re ready to expand, hiring in-person employees feels like the right next step, but costs are significantly prohibitive.  That’s where virtual assistants and related virtual services save the day (and the bottom line) while preserving your brand’s reputation as a personable, […]

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How Your Business Can Reap The Benefits Of Outsourcing

As a small business owner, you can do only so much. Even in highly effective partnerships, a small company can only branch out so much when owners maintain control of the administrative aspects of the business. The minute you learn to let go of the reins and free admin time for entrepreneur and business development […]

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What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

As the owner of a growing business, odds are you’re caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place: you’re dedicated to doing what you love - and more of it, while increasingly pressed to handle the administrative side of daily operations. You had creative visions full of color and life, and now an increasing […]

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