What Is Business Process Outsourcing?

what is business process outsourcing

As the owner of a growing business, odds are you’re caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place: you’re dedicated to doing what you love - and more of it, while increasingly pressed to handle the administrative side of daily operations. You had creative visions full of color and life, and now an increasing amount of your time and energy is spent on the black-and-white aspects of business operations. 

That’s where business process outsourcing (BPO) saves the day - and grows a business!

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Expand The Business Without Sacrificing The Brand

Business process outsourcing customizes its role to a particular business’s needs. For some sole proprietors, BPO is as single-faceted as taking over the phone, email, and socials while they take much-needed and overdue vacations. For others, BPO means trained professionals take over the HR, receptionist, or administrative assistant duties to free them up to do the work they set out to do in the first place. 

Ultimately, BPO services offer a way to preserve your brand and build on its success without sacrificing customer satisfaction or the financial bottom line.

Common Ways Business Owners Leverage BPO

BPO is an umbrella term translating as “we take over where your business needs us to.” Some of the most common ways business owners leverage BPO are:

We become your company’s receptionist

Remember when every phone call, email, or contact form submission lit you up? It was working; your business owner dreams were coming to fruition. Now, you’re grateful for the level of success you’ve achieved, but there’s no way you can keep up with all of the B2C communications required to maintain a personalized brand or high-quality client relationships.

BPO services solve that dilemma by providing a virtual receptionist - or two. Our receptionists answer calls, return emails, schedule appointments, and provide the extra resources prospects or clients need. In the meantime, you’re freed up to do the work that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

Provide HR support to hire and manage employee benefits

Did you know it costs businesses an average of $4000 (and can take up to 42 days) to hire a new employee (businessnewsdaily.com)? You don’t have time for that, which is just one way HR outsourcing comes to the rescue.

Once you’ve trained our HR specialists around how your business operates, they keep your business running smoothly by:

  • Ensuring only the most qualified individuals funnel through to your interview team
  • Organizing and tracking employee benefits
  • Managing standard HR protocols and administrative duties
  • Any other HR duties you’d like them to take on

HR outsourcing keeps your business running smoothly while you continue setting and attaining the company’s goals.

Enjoy the perks of a personal assistant

Make a quick Top 10 list of the daily tasks you wish a personal assistant could take over for you. How would you feel if those tasks disappeared from your “To-Do List” and were promptly and efficiently taken care of for you? That’s the perk of virtual assistant services.

You glean all of the perks that come along with the support of a skilled personal assistant without having an obligation to provide the type of compensation or benefits packages available from larger companies and corporations. The business experiences another level of efficiency while you focus on the innovation and work that allows your company to thrive.

5 Ways Business Owners Benefit From BPO

Most business owners who approach us to discuss BPO suffer from a combination of two things: micromanaging that prevents them from letting go and significant fatigue (or burnout). However, when working with an experienced virtual service provider, both of those disappear almost instantaneously.

A post on Business2Community.com shares some of the most typical ways micromanaging kills businesses:

  • Removes motivation from yourself and the team
  • Hinders progress and growth
  • Keeps you focused on the wrong priorities
  • Crushes creativity
  • It leads to chronic fatigue and burnout

Benefits of experienced virtual business services

BPO has a turnaround for all of the above. 

Keep the team (and yourself!) motivated and inspired

You and your team remain motivated and inspired because everyone gets to do what they love most. You’re freed up from the administrative, HR, or “black and white” business tasks that bled into daily work life and are taking over due to your business’s success. Now you have the time to expand the business as planned.

Grow like you were meant to

In worst-case scenarios, a business owner’s resistance to BPO is exactly what keeps them from growing. It’s like the proverbial Catch-22. Once they embrace an affordable way to get the professional support they need, their business flourishes in ways they’d forgotten were possible.

Lift your eyes up and see the horizon again

Have you forgotten all that was possible because you’re bogged down in return phone calls, emails, bookkeeping, and trying to maintain peace on the home front? Those are all signs you’re more than ready to take advantage of personalized virtual support services that let you look up and out at the future again - and in color!

Rekindle the creative entrepreneurial spirit

Once you see the horizon again and get the rest and rejuvenation you need (see next), you’ll be thrilled to feel that creative entrepreneurial spirit. Review your original vision maps, bring out all the lists with sparks of ideas that never had the chance to burst into fruition, and make your company what you always dreamed it could be.

With business process outsourcing take a vacation...FINALLY!

Do not let yourself become part of the 70% of small business owners that never take a holiday or vacation. OR, worse, they say they’re taking a vacation but check in with work or “work on work” anyway (smallbiztrends). That slippery slope leads to chronic fatigue, burnout, and strained family relationships.

BPO allows business owners to take proper, work-free holidays and vacations. That yields exponentially improved quality of life. 

Zen Resources Helps Businesses Do More While Owners Work Less

Once you leverage the benefits of virtual business services, the business immediately benefits from improved efficiency, increased client engagement and retention, and the ability to take a long, work-free vacation without a single worry.

The Zen Resources team helps by handling the day-to-day necessities of your business or office, allowing you to increase revenue, save more time, and operate at a much higher capacity. Contact us to learn more about our virtual services and how they’re helping Bay Area business owners just like you.

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